Alvan Aiau

Vice President, Sales & Account Management



"I am proud that we are industry leaders and always looking to raise the bar. We go to work every day with the aim to help make travel as stress free as possible. The Southeast Asia team is a great reflection of this, their dedication and positive work ethic makes CWT a great place to work.


I think CWT is unique because of its solid leadership, strong focus on customer care and transparent culture. These keys values, in my opinion, make CWT stand out from the rest. We have a very multi-cultural and dynamic team. This not only helps us see the bigger picture, but also view the company from different angles.


We are likeminded and very goal-orientated – I think this is what makes our team exceptional!


A company’s success is highly dependent on its people. We are industry leaders because we have dedicated and passionate people working at CWT. Everyone I’ve worked with in or outside the Asia Pacific region is very professional and takes their work seriously. We have a multi-cultural team and I believe this is a positive and works to our advantage.


I come from a similar yet, very different industry. I started as a management trainee in a container shipping line before moving to DHL where I spent close to 10 years in the logistics industry. In those years, I was in different roles in Singapore and China; regional tenders and pricing, global procurement, product development and my latest role before joining CWT was managing the ocean shipping P&L in Singapore.


Each role has provided invaluable experience that has made me the person I am today.


My role is essentially twofold. The sales part of my role ensures we are continuously building a healthy pipeline and bringing in new businesses to our organization across Southeast Asia.


The program management part of my job is to ensure we are consultative and optimize the client’s travel program.


We are constantly identifying opportunities to introduce Meeting & Events, Solutions and CWT Products to potential and existing clients where we believe we can bring value to them. I thrive on success and I am excited because I see huge potential in my team. I look forward to being a mentor and to not only help them achieve the teams goals/targets, but to also to see them grow and develop as a person. During the short time I have been with CWT, not only has my professional role grown, but I believe I have also grown as a person. As for the future, I can only imagine what other exciting opportunities may come my way.


Everyone knows our targets and what needs to be done to achieve them. Naturally, we all collaborate and help each other to achieve our goals. This is not only evident within a team, but also across departments, countries and regions. 

My proudest accomplishment is my team. As I like to say, “Building a strong foundation is essential in building a sturdy house” and same can be said about building a team. I believe I have a strong and dynamic team which exudes positive can-do energy. This energy appears to be catching on and infecting other departments and clients as well.


Be open and be honest. This is very much appreciated at CWT, which is why I’m enjoying myself here."


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